Adopting a Dog in UAE: The newest member of The MelRish Family

adopting a dog in UAE

Adopt, Don’t Shop. Life can be enigmatic for some, and life may bless some with the greatest of all goods. At the forefront, all we can do is question – Why? Why do people rush into false commitment? What could possibly drive someone to abandon their pet? Know that they would never do the same to you. Here is the story of the newest member of The MelRish Studio and a story about adopting a dog in UAE

Melon, Master Storyteller of MelRish, reminisces, “I fell in love with Eddie because of his story of how he was abandoned three times.” 

Cute-faced little Eddie’s original name was Teebag. ‘Teebag’ was found in Abu Dhabi, where he was dumped by his owners three times in different locations. But nothing would stop Eddie from always trying to find his way back to them. 

Eventually, ‘Teebag’ was found and put in boarding, where he was adopted by Melon and her family. Melon has always been a member of the Facebook page, ‘Dogs for Adoption in UAE’, as she’s always thought of adopting one. Although, for Melon, finding the right time in adopting a dog in UAE was the most critical part due to balancing several things at a time. An advertisement for Adoption day was really what pivoted the whole narrative for Melon and her family. 

adopting a dog in UAE

Second Wags is a licensed rescue shelter that opened recently in March, but Fatima has been rescuing dogs for over more than 10 years. They give all dogs in the UAE a second chance to find their “furever” homes. Second Wags takes the profound initiative to rescue dogs either from the streets, or take in dogs that are surrendered to them. They then proceed to take the dogs to get vet checked, and get them all the tests that they require to be happy and healthy and homed!

Fatima, from Second Wags, says, “So today, we have an adoption day and we have them almost every two weeks here at Tail-Waggin’.”

Second Wags works paw in paw with Tail-Waggin’, which provides these precious pooches with a certain space for adoption so that they may find a home. They strongly believe that all dogs are deserving of a loving home, and put their heart and soul into taking care of them.

Melon continues, “So, we, as a marriage studio, I, as a person also – I’m an advocate for adopting versus buying. 

Animals have feelings too and they need families to care for them, and they need families they will care for.” 

Fatima advises that we must give dogs time to settle in, for dogs factually need at least two or three months to settle down in a new home. It’s best to understand that these dogs are vulnerable to stress as they have been dumped by their previous owners and need time, space, and love to cope. The important thing is to call a shelter or anyone that can help if you ever encounter a lost dog on the streets.

Something that Second Wags can get a helping paw with, is access to good transportation facilities during adoption days, and spreading the word about their mission, of course! As citizens of the UAE, doing good and giving back should be a role we’re all willing to play. And as MelRish, we strive to help by raising awareness to support them with funding.

Edda, Manager and Dog Behaviorist at Tail-Waggin’, shares, “Ownership of a dog is something very complex. It’s a whole repertoire of responsibilities that you are getting with – but on the other side you are getting a friend for life.”

Hassan, the owner of Tail-Waggin’, shares insight into the “dog purchasing” culture.

He mentions that people only wish to buy dogs or puppies and then abandon them after a couple of months due to neglect and disinterest. And not many people are adopting dogs in UAE

Here are some facts about the reality of dog abandonment:

  • The issue of abandoned pets is tragically prevalent here.
  • HUNDREDS of unwanted pets are abandoned and left homeless each MONTH, leaving animal shelters overcrowded and underequipped.
  • Many rescue centers now rely on the goodwill of volunteer vets or clinics that offer services at a reduced rate to care for sick animals before they can be fostered.
  • Some rescue groups have said the numbers have risen considerably after recovering from the pandemic-induced lockdowns. One reason is that the usual office-goers in the country enthusiastically adopted or bought pets amid the lockdown, assuming it would last forever.
  • Most importantly, animal welfare organizations in the UAE are urging people to ‘Adopt, don’t Shop’ and consider adopting a dog in UAE. Shelters are already at a breaking point due to a rise in people abandoning pets as they struggle financially. 

Some light at the end of this tunnel – back to Eddie!

He’s considered one of the happiest dogs by Melon – always friendly, playing with the kids, and just perfect for the family. When he first joined Melon and her family, she would always wonder why he initially wouldn’t bark, but now she believes he considers her home as his own, which is why his resounding barks stem out of him just being territorial and protective.

adopting a dog in UAE

Melon indirectly shares a good word against the common misconception that you need a big house or a villa when adopting a dog in UAE. It is better but not necessary.

As she’s petting sweet little Eddie, Melon says, “I think the apartment life is perfect for him. We don’t live in a villa, we only live in an apartment.”

And guess what? Eddie is happy and healthy with his beautiful family in their home, who get to experience such a loyal best friend – who also eats your slippers!

adopting a dog in UAE
adopting a dog in UAE

Melon adds that caring for a pet definitely makes you a better person – of course, that is, if you’re ready for it! *wink*

If you’d like to adopt a dog and give them a “furever” home, you can check out Second Wags’ Facebook page or Instagram for updates, or visit Tail-Waggin’ to find your perfect pup pal!

As we urge everyone to adopt, don’t shop when considering having a pet to love, our team was also privileged to be able to contribute to this cause financially as we pledged a small amount for the Stray Dogs Shelter. 

We would love to hear what you think and if you would like to book a shoot with us, feel free to drop us a message on our socials!

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