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Warning: This Team is Highly Contagious with Creativity

Your creative superheroes in disguise

Hey there! Welcome to The MelRish Studio, a bunch of passionate photographers and videographers hailing from Dubai. Yep, we’re the ones who are on a mission to rescue the world from those mundane photos and videos.

Our dynamic duo, Melon and Arish, along with our incredibly creative team, are the masterminds behind this visual adventure. We’re not just in the business of capturing images and scenes. No, no! We’re all about crafting pieces of art that resonate deep within you, making your heart skip a beat or your breath momentarily hitch.

But that’s not all. We’re also here to give your brand a voice through our videos. We’re not just filming sequences; we’re weaving narratives that embody your brand’s essence.

Our vision? Well, we’re on a journey to make “melrish” synonymous with the “art of storytelling,” much like how “origami” stands for the “art of paper folding.” It’s a big goal, and we know it’ll take time – perhaps a few more decades – but we’re in no rush. We’re committed to taking it one project at a time, crafting stories that leave a lasting impact.

So, whether you’re in search of top-notch event photography or a Dubai videographer who can capture your brand’s soul, you’ve landed at the right place. Let’s create some magic together, one frame at a time!


Melon + Arish founded The MelRish Studio in 2009 when the wedding photographers & videographers on their wedding day missed to capture the real moments. They saw the need for authenticity in telling stories where moments are more important than perfection. Personal connections is what differentiates an image that engages from just a pretty picture.

Dubai female photographer
Arish Perez - Co-founder
we are storytellers
Dubai female photographer
we are storytellers

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