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Today we met a couple who have been following our work as Dubai videographers and mentioned how I haven’t blogged for some time now. I felt so happy and flattered to hear it but I was also disappointed because I have always thought about updating our blog but have not had the time to do so for ages. Since it is the Eid holidays, I finally have the time to update our website! Shoutout to Deepa for inspiring me to write again!

I have been delaying sharing our first short film but I finally decided to share it today. It started last year when we got the opportunity to join the 48hr Film Project. We have been Dubai videographers for weddings and this is something new for us. Following the footsteps of some peers in the industry, I decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, it fell on a busy month and we had 2 weddings that weekend too. But since we were already registered and opportunity was right in front of me, I decided to grab it. I will not elaborate the mechanics of the 48hr Film Project because you can read them here.It is outright fun and challenging.

I am really thankful for Danabelle, my superwoman friend who played Aurora in the film. She won the Best Actress award and she totally deserved it. I am thankful for my team mates who wholeheartedly helped complete the film and thankful for Dan Soriano and Trix my sister. After filming the event, me, Yahn and Koreen ran to shoot a wedding. The next morning, I started editing. What a weekend! It was emotionally tiring with detractors but it was mostly fun. Danabelle and Dan were the perfect tandem. They made shooting the film so much fun. You can watch how much fun we had with this Behind The Scenes video

Aurora BTS from Melrish Photos and Films on Vimeo.

We are blessed to won the following awards for our first short film:

Best in Writing 48Hr Film Project

1st Runner Up 48Hr Film Project

Best Actress for Danabelle 48Hr Film Project

Most Promising Film Maker 48Hr Film Project

Best Director Emirates Short Film Festival 2017

Best Actress Emirates Short Film Festival 2017

London Monthly Film Festival

I was featured on Illustrado Go, Filipino Times and Kabayan weekly because of the awards. I was also invited to guest at the show Pinoy After Hours. And now I am nominated as Film Maker of the Year for the Filipino Times Awards 2017.  It was a humbling experience to be featured and interviewed. I am not used to the limelight. When I wrote the film, I didn’t intend to win. My intention was to create a film that would impart a lesson. I wanted to create a film that has some social relevance. As an artist, it our responsibility to use our talent and skill not only for something to be beautiful but it should also make a difference. Aurora was made to empower women everywhere. I would love to tell you more about my thoughts but here is the our entry to the 48Hr Film Project.

Aurora – Movie from Melrish Photos and Films on Vimeo.



Melon is the co-founder of The MelRish Studio. Award winning film maker and photographer, she loves capturing the authenticity of the moment and translating them into timeless images and films. She loves travelling, reading and spending time with their kids

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