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Effective storytelling is an important skill that makes The MelRish Studio team member special. Telling stories of events has been our bread and butter since 2009. As Dubai event photographers and cinematographers, we have covered more than 1,000 events – weddings to corporate events, birthdays, and conferences.
Event photography and videography have not only been our job, it has been our passion. The event stories we shoot not only excites us but also challenges us. For us, this is probably one of the most interesting jobs out there. The challenge is to find the heart of the story of the event whether it is a wedding or a corporate event and tell it in the most real but absorbing, compelling, and engaging way possible. The objective of each image and video is to take the viewer to the event. Each event is unique and we need to tell each story through its uniqueness. Maybe that is what sets us apart. We do not settle for a cookie-cutter video or project.

It is not enough that you are technically savvy or if you use the latest camera equipment. What matters is how effectively you have captured and told the story.

To be a MelRish Studio storyteller, we train ourselves not only on the technical aspect but on the following skillsets:
1- Be Observant. To be able to capture the story of each event, we tell our team to open their eyes and ears. There is the main story but there are supporting events, conversations, and emotions that needed to be captured to complete the idea.
2 – Learn to Anticipate. There is the “lazy” then there is the “ready”. Expect the unexpected and be on your toes – this is what we always tell our team. If you miss capturing a critical moment, the chances are you have missed the real story of the event.
3 – Agility. Carry light and be agile. Events Photography and videography will keep you running and sometimes you need to push your way around the crowd to get that “money shot”. If you carry a lot of equipment and if you are more focused on the technical aspects of events, you might miss the moment.
4 – Creativity. Once we learn to anticipate and capture the moments, the next challenge is for us to be creative in our shots and post-processing. Laziness kills creativity if we get comfortable with our old techniques and stop being creative.
5 – Constant learning. Each project is a learning experience for us. Each story we tell not only impacts our viewers but it teaches us, the storyteller how to be better.
You can call us Dubai event photographers or event videographers, but we call ourselves storytellers. Watch this video to see how we work and get to know us a bit more. Thanks to our storyteller Sam Nerona for putting this video together.

Melrish Perez

Melrish Perez

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