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Internship at the melrish studio

Min Wai, age 22, a cheery and focused worker, joined The MelRish Studio as an Intern 3 months ago. Min is currently pursuing a Marketing degree at Curtin University Dubai, and he has a lot to say about his internship at The MelRish Studio. Read on!

We asked Min about his experience here at MelRish – quite a simple question, but he definitely had moving insight on the memories he made with us here.

Min reminisces, “My experience was very amazing; everyone was very helpful to me. And they have taught me a lot.”

As his supervisors, more like mentors, we made sure to guide him in developing and honing his skills. 

Min agrees that this Internship opportunity will help him to solely work towards his future goals, and eventually catalyze the growth of his career, along with stabilizing him with new opportunities in the future.

Do you think you need help in mentoring and training interns? Here are some steps that you can follow to successfully make your interns happy during their internship:

1. Create a specific Job Description:

Listing the skill sets they can acquire during the internship is the most important thing, as it is a way to guide them into the right industry. It’s important to make them know that they are getting into the right hands and will gain the right experience. Specify the duration of the internship, the roles, and responsibilities, etc. 

2. Give them clarity about Compensation:

It’s important to pay your interns, or at least have their transport and F&B expenses covered. It’s reported in studies that paid interns do perform better as they gain an incentive to meet their deadlines, and of course, do not feel exploited by their employers! This is why we at MelRish offer paid internships!

3. Develop Training Goals – but for yourself:

Training interns is not an easy task! Most interns have never worked in corporate environments before, which is why it’s important to guide them at every step of the way – this means you’ll probably need to spend a lot of time with the intern/s you’re managing. It’s also recommended to distribute their tasks in order of difficulty level whilst giving them realistic deadlines. Of course, you’ll have to assist them through the tasks they aren’t familiar with, which is why it’s vital to make sure they’re comfortable before proceeding to the next step. You are also required to step in if you feel they are going in the wrong direction – but deliver your feedback constructively and nicely, and also explain WHY you have decided to step in so that they don’t feel too criticized!


What was your most memorable experience during your internship at The MelRish Studio?

Min says that a super new experience with MelRish for him was our iconic “Boodle Fight”. A Boodle Fight is a traditional Filipino way of sharing food. It’s very similar to a potluck, and everyone contributes a certain dish, side dish, or condiments. Let’s not forget to mention that the best part is eating with your hands! May we add the cherry on top? Min also bakes delicious goods! He baked the team some brownies – which to his surprise, the team absolutely devoured with ice cream! Thank you Min for the full tummy!

Getting to the mushy part… Min’s most memorable moments during his internship at The MelRish Studio are full of all his colleagues and the people he would interact with at The MelRish Studio. Our team helped kickstart his internship as they would help him at every step of the way.

Min says, “They were always there when I needed them, they were very supportive.”

Min continues on to share his gratitude towards The MelRish Studio, and then of course bursts into laughter as our project manager dances behind the scenes. What can we say? We’re pretty fun here at MelRish!

Min ends the interview by thanking everyone, especially his mentors and supervisors for managing him so well and giving him the right exposure to the work environment. Such exposure is something he can definitely take forward in his life to boost his career!

Min humorously jokes around with his final words to the team, “Well, I have gained 10 kgs, so thank you to the team for giving me the 10 kgs! I will cherish it, and afterward, I will burn it off.”

We at MelRish are eternally grateful to you Min, we miss you and we wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors!

If you’re looking for a hands-on Internship opportunity where you can learn with industry professionals, we’d love to have you on board! Email us with your CV at if you are interested in an internship at The MelRish Studio.

We would love to hear your feedback and if you would like to book a shoot with us, feel free to drop us a message on our socials!

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