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MelRish has spoken about Content Creation several times before. In fact, we’ve even helped you navigate your way to perfecting it. But in this write-up we’re going to focus on a specific niche: How does Content Creation help the Tourism Industry?

Essentially Content Creation can benefit any industry. It’s 2023 – the whole world practically runs on content. When it comes to marketing something online, video content is king. And what better way to promote tourism than to depict a country with scenic shots that convey its story? Here’s how we boosted tourism in Saudi with our content!

The travel and tourism industry benefits largely from creative brainstorming, well-executed cinematography, engaging edits and strategic content marketing. Let’s break this down – just like how we did it!

When it comes to Creative Brainstorming for Content Creation – let’s be real. It’s easy to throw around ideas and say, “This would look great!” or “This will gather more views!”. However, it really boils down to having a clear and concise outline that encapsulates the meat and potatoes of your topic or theme. Thematic consistency. Your content – no matter how short or long, should have a theme. A plot. A single narrative. What story are you trying to tell? Well essentially, from a business perspective – what idea are you trying to sell?

Brainstorming is what makes this a gradual, yet fulfilling process. It can be quite a lengthy and pricey process, hence, to increase efficiency and make it much more fun – do it in a group. Playing with each member’s wits and ideas can help bloom new concepts and eventually finalize a great script! And boom, there you have it!

Cinematography is not for the faint of heart. It’s easy to pick a camera up and nail those angles, but how well-thought out really are your shots? As in, did you know that different frames, shots and angles in cinematography can convey different emotions and feelings to the viewer?

Although, even after knowing the theory part of cinematography inside and out, what exactly are you doing to guarantee proper execution? Have you heard of a shot list? Well, let me take you through it.

It’s simple – it’s in the very name! A shot list is a spreadsheet of the shots you will take (see image above) during production. Preparing one can definitely be a task, especially if you are someone who isn’t willing to just wing it on set. Usually for client-based projects, it’s always recommended to have a thorough and detailed shot list. Such a shot list requires a bunch of details to be entered:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Shot and Shot Numbers
  • Actors/Subjects Involved
  • Action
  • Objects/Props
  • Notes/Comments

Depending on your shoot’s requirements, you can add many more features to your shot list, in addition to what’s listed above. This ensures almost no scope for error, other than la force majeure (since it’s primarily an outdoor shoot), of course – the inevitable happenings during production. It also places the production team at a credible, reliable and authoritative position in front of your clients, because guess what? Your documentation is tip-top!

Filming can only be confidently concluded once every single shot from the shot list has been executed and marked down. Not to mention, all your SD cards must be protected with your life and your footage should be backed up instantly. How so, you may ask? Carry a card reader and any device with you, of course!

When it comes to travel videos, make sure your edits are engaging and unpredictable (at times). This guarantees audience retention. How does one know what your audience likes, you may ask? Notice their Engagement pattern! Does your audience respond better to long-form videos or reels? Do they like fast-paced edits or soothing and emotional videos? 

You can always choose to learn and practice editing with an editing software, or you can always use the help of third-party editing softwares such as InShot or even TikTok! It all really boils down to the requirements of your edit, and the platform you will release it on.

Strategic content marketing comes with a great content marketing team. Narrow everything down to your objectives and your ultimate goal. Do you need to focus on boosting travel and tourism? Then maybe your goal should be to have this place show up in people’s bucket lists! Try revealing the very heart and soul of your city or locality. Or try showcasing affordable hidden gems in and around your town – an exclusive look; never seen before. Or try focusing on a particular target audience – for example, you could showcase places in your city that are bound to entice artists and creators!

Content Marketing strategies also depend on copywriting. When the marketing team finalizes the goal then the content writer can focus on drawing in consumers with words.

Another tactic is to focus on sensory stimulation. Attract your audience with what they can experience in person. What sights, tastes and smells they can see and feel is what makes it more intriguing and real.

To tie this all up together – it’s important that your video or content creates anticipation and (almost a) burning desire to visit the place. Advertising a city? Think about a fast-paced video that slows down at intimate parts of your video. That is, it could focus on street food or even the very people that live there! This way your video seeps its way into the hearts of people and creates something called the emotional appeal. This way your audience feels emotionally invested and also becomes an immersive experience.

Regardless of the demographics and psychographics of travelers, in general, they like to interact with new people and new cultures. Make sure your video aligns with this and showcases real native and local people, and what the heart of the place has to offer.

Last, but most definitely not the least, take full advantage of your Social Media presence. When you have a strong online presence, know that people will interact with and share your content. This means your content has the potential to reach a wider audience as long as it’s relevant, well-produced and catchy!

And there you go; you have the creative team, you have the equipment, you have the skills, and you have the tools to market your content – so, what are you waiting for?

In conclusion, video content related to travel does encourage travelers to buy services and boosts tourism. Now you get to navigate your way perfectly not only through the technical aspects of content marketing, but also through the very alleys and streets that you’re promoting!

We would love to hear your feedback and if you would like to book a shoot with us, feel free to drop us a message on our socials. See you next time!

*All images are sourced from Unsplash.

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