New MelRish Content Creators and Storytellers

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September was a busy and exciting month for our team as we have welcomed four new team members – content creators, storytellers, and a social media executive. Our new members have already shown awesome talent and achievements.
In late August, we started searching for new talent to help our team bounce back after we got down-graded by the pandemic. It was a tough search as we have interviewed a lot of individuals with great potential. But we can only employ a few. And it is our great pleasure to introduce our newest team members to all of you.

Meet our Content Creators and Storytellers


In the first year of her bachelor’s degree, Neetu was mesmerized by the works of Monet, Rembrandt, and Van Gogh. The strokes in each painting pulled her into different timelines and left her wanting more. She also wanted to leave a timeless impression – that is through photography and cinematography. With Neetu’s ability to paint a perfect mental picture of the story she wants to tell, expect to see more of how our works are timeless.
Neetu takes photos and videos and has experience in covering weddings especially all ladies’ weddings. So to all our brides-to-be, look out for her

content creator dubai


Macky is driven by growth. He is riveted to try a variety of visual styles and techniques, all in the pursuit of improving his work. As a fine arts student, he ventured into various films and found himself in the rabbit hole of storytelling. Macky specializes in motion graphics and cinematography, and he will bring stories you could imagine to life.

content creator dubai


Vishnu or Vish for short is on a search for a reason. As a content creator and storyteller, he believes in craftsmanship and is drawn by the beauty of perspectives. He is especially passionate about film and filmmaking – in how the most mundane moments can be transformed into timeless stories. He has worked on some short films, and now, Vishnu works on capturing the realness of our storytelling.

content creator dubai


Our social media department was recently launched and we are glad to have Kate as part of it.
As someone who moved around a lot, Kate seeks to make meaningful connections and to understand one’s roots. She found that art does this best, where people of contrasting backgrounds come together through music, paintings, and films. She fell in love with this secret language people share, so she aims to create a space for it.
Kate has already proved herself by increasing our reach by 3,232% on her first week on the job. Talk about achievement! She brings with her a lot of fresh strategies that will help our clients reach their goals when it comes to social media!

content creator dubai
social media manager dubai

Our new content creators and storytellers are all geared up and ready to tell your stories, the MelRish style. Can’t wait to see what our new and improved content creation team can do for you.

Do contact us for our content creation and social media packages and if you quote “NEW2021”, we can give special discounts and complimentary consultation for our first 5 signups. Hurry! This is only valid until 31st Oct 2021



Melon is the co-founder of The MelRish Studio. Award winning film maker and photographer, she loves capturing the authenticity of the moment and translating them into timeless images and films. She loves travelling, reading and spending time with their kids

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