MelRish Dekada: 10 Years of Thankfulness and Company Trip to Tbilisi

dekada. n. A decade; any given period of ten years.

The whole team just got back from a 5 day company trip to Tbilisi, Georgia as part of our year long celebration of The MelRish Studio’s 10th year anniversary. It was an amazing and unforgettable trip to celebrate MelRish Dekada – 10 Years of thankfulness.

It was 2009 when Arish and I first shot our first engagement session and our first wedding. It was also 10 years ago when we first got paid for our services and it was that year when we first flew to India to shoot our first destination wedding. Ten years later, God has blessed us with more than 500 couples, a cozy office in Dubai and a team of creative individuals who we call as our family. Some think that maybe we have a big cash flow that is why we can afford to take the team for an out of town trip. The truth is like all other companies, we are also going through tough times and we are still struggling to make ends meet. This trip is something we wanted to give to our team. Working in The MelRish Studio requires a lot of passion and dedication and that is why we are passionate about our team. 

God has sustained us and we are forever grateful. That is why we decided to have a company trip to Tbilisi

The MelRish Studio is a testimony that there is a God and if you dedicate your work to Him, He will sustain you and guide you to success. And success doesn’t necessarily mean that you have more clients or you are the best in your field. Success for us means that we are better versions of ourselves every year. Success for us means delivering meaningful images and videos and making lasting connections not just with our clients but internally as well. We don’t work for our greatness but for His glory.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Our projects are not accomplished by one man alone. All our images and videos are products of teamwork. The goal of the trip to Tbilisi was to build camaraderie amongst our team members by letting them get to know more about each other with our “Guess Who Is This?” Game. We had four team members share an apartment (we booked four apartments) and each group was assigned to cook breakfasts and dinner for everyone. Every morning and night, we gathered to eat and pray and share stories. We sang on the bus going to different places and experiencing new things – from wine tasting to playing on the snow. When I saw their smiles and how they have bonded with each other, my heart was filled with joy. Mission accomplished -we have broken down walls and made connections that will help us understand each other and work better.

company trip to Tbilisi

One day, I will look back at how God has been good to us. I am accountable for leading this team and fulfilling His purpose. And if asked what kind of leader I strived to be, I would answer, “To be a leader that inspires and serves others. A servant leader like Christ.”

If you are traveling to Tbilisi or planning a company trip to Tbilisi, I would recommend Giorgi and his company. He arranged for our tours and bus. You may contact +995 579993265. Special thanks to Rashi of Excite Tourism for arranging our flights. 

Melrish Perez

Melrish Perez

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