Mussandam Cruise

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Exactly a week ago, we went to Mussandam, Oman to cruise with friends organized by Kitty. She would be leaving Dubai and she arranged this trip to be able to spend more time with friends and at the same time, visit a place most of us haven’t visited yet.

We left before the sun rose and the morning started foggy. With headlights and foglights on, we safely reached the Oman border by sunrise. After getting our passports stamped and paying 85dhs (35 to exit UAE and 50dhs for the Oman visa), we drove to Mussandam which was a very scenic drive with the roads winding up and down along the jagged hills of Oman. We finally reached our destination after 5 hours…

Our boat was waiting for us so we immediately boarded and off we went cruising the Oman Gulf. The weather was perfect and everybody was simply excited to be there! We even sighted this dolphin which followed our boat for a while.

We saw other dhow boats carrying other tour groups. Our boat stopped in a spot which was known for beautiful reefs and corals and our friends went snorkeling while I looked on. I just entertained myself feeding bread to the colorful fishes which swam at the side of the boat.

The view was just awesome. The rocky fjords towered over the sea and the wooden dhows sort of flew us back in time…a taste of Oman’s rich history, geography and culture.

After our cruise, we went on a lunch picnic on the beach shaded by the rocky hills. It was a fellowship which will not be easily forgotten…everyone enjoyed the trip and the food (of course!) Thanks Kitty for organizing this and making this trip possible.

(My lens are dirty…)

A few days later, we were standing at the airport to bid our dear friend farewell. Goodbyes are really hard to get by especially when you are saying goodbye to a very dear friend. We will not be seeing her for a while and we still do not know when our roads would cross again. But the important thing is that we were blessed to know someone as special as her…

We wish you all the best and we thank God for a friend like you, Kitty.



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