New York! New York! (Part 2)

God had mercy and gave us a sunny weather the next day! So we headed down to Times Square. It was a 10 minute walk from our hotel and we enjoyed the walking around this urban jungle. In Times Square, we met a lot of celebrities including the cowboy in underwear and Iron Man, even the late Elvis Presley!

Empire State BuildingNew York CityMacy's New YorkBikes in New YorkBikes in New YorkBikes in New YorkBikes in New YorkHard Rock New YorkTimes Square New YorkTimes Square New YorkCowboy in Times SquareIron Man in New YorkIron Man in New York

After the buying a few toys in the biggest Toys R Us store, we took our bus to go on a cruise to the see the famous lady of NYC! It was a dream come true seeing Lady Liberty up close. The Manhattan skyline was a view to be admired on a boat. We recommend that you take a cruise to Staten Island which will take along the Hudson river where you can have a nice view of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Statue of LibertyStatue of LibertyStatue of LibertyBrooklyn BridgeBrooklyn BridgeBrooklyn BridgeBrooklyn BridgeBrooklyn BridgeBrooklyn Bridge

Then we hopped on our bus again for a round through the city. Our guide was enthusiastic and had his own stories with well known landmarks in the city. Here are some favorite shots of Manhattan, Uptown and Downtown.

New York tour guideNew York DowntownNew York DowntownEmpire State BuildingEmpire State BuildingNew York DowntownNew York DowntownNew York Downtown

According to our tour guide, the most photographed butt is of this bull! 🙂

Wall Street

And to end our long day touring New York, we decided to take a relaxing stroll at the Central Park. This is where I realized I am in love with New York. I was already impressed with the big lights in the city and buzz of the yellow cabs and people passing, but I wasn’t sure if the city was worth a second visit. I felt it was too busy. But Central Park was like an oasis amidst the busy streets and tall buildings. I could sit there all day eating an ice cone with a book or just the people-watching. The laughter of the playing children was like music.

Central ParkCentral ParkCentral ParkCentral ParkCentral ParkCentral Park

There was a group called Afro-bats who put up an amazing show! They were funny and entertaining!


But of all the photos we took that day, I think capturing a newlywed couple taking a stroll in Central Park was the best. As wedding photographers, moments like this are simply beautiful.

Wedding at Central Park

Ah, New York, New York, you have captivated our hearts!




Melon is the co-founder of The MelRish Studio. Award winning film maker and photographer, she loves capturing the authenticity of the moment and translating them into timeless images and films. She loves travelling, reading and spending time with their kids

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