Out and About: A Trip to Ferrari World

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Have you been to the Ferrari World in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi? It is the largest indoor theme park in the world and has the fastest roller coaster called Formula Rossa! Can you believe that? We did, so we went there last January. With me, all crazy about roller coasters and thrill rides was beyond excited. So excited that I even wore black and red shirt and rubber shoes to match the Ferrari colors. Arish was all excited as well. Khloe seemed to be thrilled too.

Ferrari worldFerrari worldFerrari world

We would not be in Ferrari world and not take photos of Ferraris, wouldn’t we?

Ferrari worldFerrari worldFerrari world

And how about Italian food! PIZZZZZAAAA! I already have a tiny pizza lover…look at how Khloe almost grabbed my slice!

Ferrari world

So going there as a family was not a good idea. We could not go on a ride together and leave Khloe on a stroller by herself. That is just inhumane. So we went in turns which was no fine either. While Arish went for his turn, Khloe and I rode the carousel and the little girl LOVED it. She loved it so much we went for five rounds. When I went for a ride while hubby and daughter waited outside, I felt ridiculous in the midst of group of friends and of families with older kids. They were all giggling and laughing and by the time the ride started, they screamed and “woah-ed” and “ooh-ed” while I missed my better half who would have screamed too (he is afraid of heights).  I felt miserable…entertained but miserable.

Ferrari world

With all the ups and downs, life is like a roller coaster for most of us. Sometimes, the fall is too steep you cannot keep your eyes open. Sometimes the ride is too fast it leaves you in a daze. Sometimes it is scary and fun but not as fun if you are not with someone you love. We often take our family and friends for granted and we just realize their worth when we are by ourselves, taking that ride of a lifetime. To Arish and Khloe, thank you for being there for me. The ride can be nerve-racking and sometimes fun but it will always be good as long as we are together.




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