Instagram Content and How You Can Make it Engaging!

Instagram content

Ask MelRish is back: Are you a content creator looking for A-Z tips on creating the perfect Instagram content for your brand? Look no further!

Hey, it’s lovely to see you again! This time we’ll teach you 2 vital features of producing engaging Instagram content! Let us break it down:

  1. Production
  2. Posting

You need content, so you’ve got to begin somewhere when it comes to making Instagram content! That’s where Production comes in. Check out our video first – so that you may get a practical idea of how it works, before you truly brief yourself with the theory!

Instagram content

Do you wish to add a certain flair to your Instagram content and videos? Something that is simple to execute but still dynamic and unique? You might want to invest your time into perfecting In-Camera Transitions to truly make your Instagram content stand out. Read on!

  • Through-the-Door Transition

We’ll start with the “Through-the-Door” transition—your first shot being a simple push-in towards the door. Then, your second shot will be on the other side of the door, where you will simply continue pushing in. 

Now that you’ve got the shots you need, you’ll take the first shot, where you’re pushing towards the door, and slow down a few seconds at the beginning of the first clip. Once that’s done, scrub towards the end of the clip, where the camera is closer to the door, then we’ll add a speed ramp here.

For the second clip, it will be a mirror of the first. So, we’ll add the speed ramp at the beginning of the clip and slow down a few seconds at the end. And there you have it, the “Through-the-Door” transition for your Instagram content!

Instagram content
  • Whip Pan Transition

For our next tip, we’ll show you how to create the “Whip Pan” transition for your Instagram content. In your first shot, you want to whip your camera from right to left like so, and in your second shot, repeat the same motion from right to left to your subject. 

Next up, we’ll pick out the best shots with the best panning so that the transition will be seamless. Once you’ve chosen your main shots, make sure to start the first clip with the subject in focus. Then, when the camera pans to the left, add a speed ramp. 

We’ll be doing the same for the second clip, but we’ll add the speed ramp at the beginning instead. You can then adjust the speed of each clip as you like. And that’s how you create the “Whip Pan” transition!

Instagram content
  • Match Cut

Now with the “Match Cut” transition, you have to make sure that your subject is on the same level, in the same size, and the same position across all your shots. The only difference between these shots will be your background. 

The edit for this is quite straightforward. Like in its name, you simply match the cuts of your clips. However, it can be mismatched when the position of your subject is uniform, so you can add the clip of your choice on top of the clip you want to match, adjust its transparency, and adjust its position. Do this for all your clips, and there you go! A “Match Cut” transition for your Instagram content!

Instagram content

Once you’re done with practicing your moves with the camera, you’ll need to figure out how to juice your content’s potential once you post it as Instagram content! In an age where social media can catalyze your success, are you truly paying attention to what you post? Do you happen to be struggling to get people to watch your stories? Why are your thought-out marketing strategies and Instagram content not reaching your target audience?

We have compiled a list of 5 factors that we think are important to increase engagement on your Instagram content. Read on!

Instagram content

Number 1, learn from Social Media Analytics to be aware of what content your audience engages with. Your audience comprises not only of your followers, but also other users that may find your Instagram content on their Explore pages or when it’s shared to them.

It’s vital to regularly check your Meta Insights or you may even download 3rd party apps to do the job for you!

Instagram content

Number 2, get real and showcase some behind-the-scenes or sneak peaks of how you do what you do through your Instagram content. Your audience would love to see the organic side of the way you work. This added insight on your brand will help them acknowledge not only how hard-working your company is, but also the authenticity of your brand.

You can create fun and interactive stories as Instagram content by asking your viewers their opinions on your work environment, goods or services, new promotions etc. This way you can ensure to develop more interpersonal bonds with your consumers through your Instagram content.

Instagram content

Number 3, be sure to use Instagram stickers and trending GIFs on your Instagram content such as stories, grid posts, reels and videos. Surprise, surprise! The use of targeted hashtags can also help increase your reach to new accounts through Instagram content. The more eye-catchy, the better. Need we say more?

Instagram content

Number 4, give value to the Instagram content you create. Cool trick shots and angles are always nice, but it is highly important to curate substantial content for your audience. The more moving and strategically planned out your content is, the more engagement your Instagram content gets. 

For example, you may share useful tips that can make your audience share your Instagram content, save it or even go back to it!

Instagram content

Number 5, last but not the least, do not post too much Instagram content in one day! Try to be regular and coherent, yet simple with your posting! Nobody likes a surplus of Instagram content from a single account every single day. It also does not help your case if you happen to have the moneybag Instagram content posted somewhere in the middle or the end. Therefore, try to limit your Instagram content to a maximum of 3-5 per day. If it helps, plotting an Instagram Content Calendar should do the trick!

Instagram content

We hope you’ve taken down your notes to use these Instagram content tips for later! Social Media Marketing can be complex at times so we hope this has helped you out. If not, The MelRish Studio is here to let you know that we can provide professional Social Media Marketing and Instagram Content Creation services for you! Check it out here.

We would love to know your feedback about our content – Follow us on Instagram to let us know. See you next time!

All images are sourced from Unsplash.

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