MelRish’s Social Media Marketing Guide: 2 Great Content Marketing Tips.

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Is Social Media getting the best of you? It’s time to turn the tables with our exclusive tips!

Social Media Marketing can be exhausting and confusing at times. That’s why this is for all of our rookie Social Media Marketers/Managers/Execs! Don’t know where to begin? Or how to logically tackle the vivid world of Social Media? MelRish is here today to guide you.

Social Media Marketing is a huge tree with an array of branches. You’re reading this and thinking that there’s no way I’m comparing something intangible to something IRL (in real life)!

What I really mean to say is that Social Media is not just posting images and liking posts. Social Media Marketing needs strategic thinking and content planning.

This blog features 2 very important aspects of handling Social Media Marketing, when it comes to both Copywriting and Content Creation.

Social Media

Firstly, let us tackle Copywriting.

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How many of those words struck you? Did it pique your interest? One may have a great concept, a great video and even great graphics! But the real question is – How do you drive more engagement towards your posts through content writing?

The way Social Media Marketing works, at the heart of it, truly depends on a user’s algorithm and the Reach your posts get can vary – which is why Paid Reach or Boosting exists so that you can keep it consistent.

But, if you want to try increasing the effectiveness of your posting, you can rely on this hack when it comes to curating the copies for your posts. Certain words can be used in copies, headlines and calls to action – they are most likely to intrigue the reader and score business and especially boost your Engagement. 

Social Media Power Words

These persuasive words are known as Power Words. Here are some great examples of Power Words that you could potentially use as your next Social Media writing tool:

  • Announcing
  • Bonus
  • Proven
  • Learn
  • Free
  • Join
  • Increase
  • Challenge
  • Exclusive
  • Suddenly
  • Offer
  • Now
  • Quick
  • Easy
  • Important
  • Hurry
  • Promo
  • Sensational

You can now revamp your captions, newsletters and calls to action with these Power Words. This will draw the reader in and simultaneously attract the right audience.

Now wasn’t that easy? Simple tips that require no extra effort, but just strategic thinking while drafting captions! And that’s as simple as Copywriting gets when it comes to Social Media Marketing. 

Social Media Content Creation

Let’s move on to Content Creation!

Content Creation is vast. It’s essentially producing Marketed Content for your audience to consume and of course to engage with. Blog posts, Newsletters, Photos, Videos, Podcasts, etc are all forms of Content that can be created and Marketed. The difference between regular Content and Marketed Content, is that Marketed Content has a specific message which adheres to your Brand and is delivered to your audience. Essentially, your content is created to drive customer engagement and to bring in profitable action.

Now that I’ve introduced you to Content Creation, specifically for Social Media – you should know that there are steps to curating well-rounded content that checks all the boxes. Get your notepad ready! Let’s break it down into the 3 Cs of Social Media Marketing. Here’s what they are:

Content Brainstorming

C NUMBER ONE is to have a great and well-thought out Content Strategy. Great Content Strategy begins with brainstorming about your Timing, Theme, Style and Engagement.

Timing – Try to maintain a regular posting schedule. Be very thoughtful, strategic and logical about how often you post to remain relevant. You can always use Meta’s help to determine Active Hours for posting on your feed.

However, do not make it too overwhelming! People will not watch your Instagram Stories if you have more than 8 at a time – until or unless you somehow manage to make it an interactive Story thread, like a quiz, questionnaire or poll etc.

Theme – It’s vital to have a theme. Get creative and think about what really engages your audience, and what retains their attention. Noticing through your Insights that Reels are garnering more views and likes? Go ahead and spend your valuable time trying to brainstorm new Reel concepts! And most importantly, make sure your concepts follow a certain theme – that of which attracts the right audience.

Style – When it comes to style, consider your brand’s tone. Instagram is all about visual aesthetics, so make sure your posts are visually consistent and distinct. Canva (see image below) has got to be one of the creative world’s leading design tools – and guess what? It’s for free too! Go ahead and enjoy a variety of free templates and graphics. Additionally, you could use it as a way of learning more about your brand’s personal style and develop it further!

Lastly, we don’t want to forget about Engagement – This aspect of Social Media Marketing decides how your business account will interact with other accounts in your industry on Instagram, or even your clients and customers! Think about hosting giveaways or contests to expand your reach and build relationships through incentives.

Social Media Canva Tutorial

C NUMBER TWO is to be Consistent. Once you find equilibrium in the different kinds of Content that you post, be Consistent when sharing that Content. Having a posting schedule ensures Consistency. 

Hey, DID YOU KNOW? Approximately 60% of Top Brands tend to use the same Instagram filter nearly every time they post? This is precisely what makes your brand image more recognizable to your followers, and is a great Social Media Marketing technique.

Hey, SO HOW DO YOU ACHIEVE THIS? Make use of image editing apps or softwares to help establish your own style, like Canva. Be consistent with your captions; use emojis and targeted hashtags to reel in your audience. A good example of this would be dedicating certain days of the week to certain marketing campaigns. For example: Do you always have a quote on Tuesday and collaborations on Thursdays?

Furthermore, having an editorial calendar should help you develop these skills! A well thought-out and concise Content Calendar puts you and your team on the right track when it comes to thematic consistency, as well as meeting deadlines.

C NUMBER THREE is Creativity – of course! If you want to show your brand’s personality, dig deeper and think outside the box. Your Company is taking a stand against Animal Cruelty? Go ahead and emphasize that as part of Social Media Marketing! 

Being Creative easily translates to this: do not feel limited, and demolish all imaginary boundaries. Aside from posting the Images or Videos that only revolve around your Products, Services or Industry; you can also feel free to create User-generated Content, follow current trends, or even newsjack for new Content ideas.

Social Media Content Creation Creativity

What is User-generated Content, you may ask?

With context to Social Media Marketing, it refers to Brand-specific Content created by customers and published on social media. It’s in the very name itself! It’s a way in which your goods or services are marketed or advertised by your clients and consumers. Sometimes it can be content that you pay to avail, sometimes it’s a barter, and sometimes your product is just so good that they choose to glorify it themselves!

User-generated Social Media Content

And your question may now be: How can I increase relatable, User-generated Content? When it comes to Social Media Marketing, Community Engagement and Interacting with your Followers is the key! For example, Instagram story polls can help your team generate streamlined content based on what your audience chooses. Another simple way is to also pay attention to the Comments on your Posts, and Story Replies.

And there you have it! Social Media Marketing tips from The MelRish Studio for you. Hope your note-taking skills are through the roof because these pointers will truly help you create the perfect Social Media presence for your business!

We would love to hear your feedback and if you would like to book a shoot with us, feel free to drop us a message on our socials. See you next time!

*All images are sourced from Unsplash and Pinterest.

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