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Brand story video

Your business is very important to you. You have poured your heart and soul into your startup and you strongly believe that it will solve a problem or make the world a better place. However, sales are not coming in. People do not relate to your product and there is no engagement in your social media. That is why we think all businesses should consider producing a brand story video.

Sometimes the problem is not your product nor how you run the business. Sometimes it is because your target audience does not see what you see. That is why an effective brand video is important. 

We believe that all businesses should have a brand story video as it helps clients see and feel a brand’s passion if told properly. 

Why do you need to tell your brand’s story in a video?

1 – Your personal journey

There are great business journeys that are worth telling. How your product was discovered and the challenges you conquered – these stories can inspire your customers and make them relate to your story and then to your product. When you show authenticity in your videos, you stir up empathy and your brand will stick in their minds better.

2 – Express your why

Your why is the spark that started this fire within you. Find out your “why” and tell it in a way that will relate to your customers’ narrative. 

3 – Share your passion

A great brand story video can interpret your passion into a film that will be able to convey the feelings that you feel and the vision that you see. 

4 – Introduce or re-introduce your product/brand

You are launching your business. You have your website ready to go live, you have your social media accounts, you have product photos and you also have the copy for all these platforms. But without a video, you will miss a segment in your community that relates better with video. 

5 – Let them see your product/service in your own eyes

Telling your brand’s story in a video will allow your audience to see your brand or product through your eyes as a founder. Giving your audience a different perspective can help them understand your vision and passion

Brand story video

Steps in Creating an Amazing Brand Story Video

Step 1 – Start with your Why

If you do not know your WHY, you will not be able to tell it in a video nor make your audience understand your brand’s purpose

Step 2 – Choose the best film production studio for your brand

In choosing a film production company, you should consider if they will relate to your brand, your budget, and their portfolio. 

Step 3 – Consolidate Your Brand Visuals

Your video and brand communication should have one theme. Communicate with your videographers the colors, logos, and fonts you want to be used for your video. If you have a particular video that you liked, share them with your videographers.

Step 4 – What is your key takeaway for your video

All video projects should have a call to action. You can create different videos for different purposes. The first video can be about your journey to inspire your audience to relate and follow you. The second video can emphasize your “why” to encourage them to purchase your product or learn more about it.

We have produced several brand video stories and here are some:

Booktopia founder, Malar

Mypediaclinic Story by Dr.Medhat

Kamal Osman Jamjoom, KOJ story

If you need help in creating your brand story video, please feel free to contact us and we can assist with pre-production, scriptwriting, concept, film production up to post-production. We are an award-winning film production studio based in Dubai and we have been telling stories since 2009. Drop us an email at and we will be glad to help

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