The Grandeur of Sheikh Zayed Mosque

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This is a must-see place when you visit Abu Dhabi. We have been several times to the UAE capital but we never visited the Mosque before. So 2 weeks ago, we decided to do a side trip when we planned to visit our friends across the emirate. She just gave birth to a lovely baby girl.

We have seen amazing photos of the Abu Dhabi mosque but nothing has prepared us with what we saw.

The intricate details of the exterior matched the beautiful artistic inlay work inside. We were lucky to have brought our fish-eye lens so capture the magnificence of the place. You will also notice that there were more visitors that day due to the holidays.

This is the world’s largest chandelier and it weighs 9 tonnes! After learning about that, we didn’t spend much time admiring it from beneath. The carpet is also the largest hand-knitted carpet in the world.

If you wonder what this is, this is a portion of the Qibla wall where Muslims face when they pray.

Here are our attempts to take HDR photos. What do you think?

I took this photo of the abolution which reminded me of a scene in one of the Harry Potter movies…

When you drop a visit to UAE, make sure you jot visiting the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque on your to-do list. It is really a magnificent work of art!



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