The Paris Dream: Sacre Couer and Champs Elysees

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After our Paris trip weeks ago, we started our potty training challenge with Khloe, tried to catch up with projects, and booked a few shoots before summer officially started in this side of the world. With our current hectic schedule, our Paris trip was like ages ago. I need another holiday!!!

So forgive me for posting another blog about our Paris trip. It is just refreshing to review the photos and talk about our trip. We know someday, maybe after 5 years, we will go back to this blog and smile. I think we all do when we look at old photos of fond memories.

Here are a few photos from Sacre Couer area and our first trip down the famous Champs Elysees.

Moulin Rouge ParisSacre CouerParis TripParis TripParis TripParis TripParis Trip

There was this very cute dog who dancing for euros. Reminded me of the cartoon Dog of Flanders we used to watch when I was young.

Sacre CouerParis Trip

And here we are, standing outside of the big Louis Vuitton store which was so crowded it seemed to be like Carrefour. Anyways, they were about to close so they asked us to come back tomorrow. This is the problem when there is still a lot of sunlight at 9pm.

Champs ElyseesArc de TriompheArc de TriompheArc de TriompheChamps ElyseesChamps Elysees

Happy weekend everyone!





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