The Secret to Gaining Credibility for Your Brand

credibility for your brand

Everyone wants to achieve not only recognition for their brand but also reliability and credibility. How do you efficiently achieve such credibility for your brand or business? The secret is to create and publish Video Interviews

As we are all aware, the video format is the MVP of all platforms. If you truly wish to appeal to your audience, visuals are the way to go. Be it Instagram Reels, TikToks, or YouTube videos – everybody loves good visual content. Creating and publishing quality video content is one way to build a connection with your audience. What definitively catalyzes this is providing the answer as to why your customers should care about your brand.

The real enigma can be in deciding what questions to cover in your interview. Your priority should be your audience – therefore, it’s vital to talk about your personal journey, your vision and your mission, and most importantly, what drives you to run your brand or business. Addressing these topics and providing such transparency for your audience may help them unearth profound interest in your brand and it can help start to build credibility for your brand. 

Your prime focus can be on questions like, “Why did you create this brand?”, “What did it take for you to achieve everything so far?”, “What makes your company unique?”, and “How does your brand change people’s lives?”. This helps to establish a more approachable and real dynamic between your brand and your audience, therefore recognizing you as reliable and genuine. 

A more personalized overlook is to let your audience ask you the questions. Get up, close and personal with your answers to their questions about your brand, so that you may juice the potential of their intrigue. 

Now that you are all set with what you want for your video interview, let’s look at how you can create one. Get your hands on a camera, a location, good lighting, and a mic – now you’re all set to get the ball rolling!

Any camera will do as long as your lighting is well thought out. If you wish to achieve a crisp and clear video, aim to score a spot with good key lighting as it makes all the difference. It is also preferable to choose a spacious location to add depth to your shots, but a cozy location works as long as it adds to your composition. To improve on a tight shot, explore the option of adding backlight to your subject! It adds great depth to the shot and ensures the subject is separated from the background. Once you’re ready, simply set up your mic and bring down the gain levels so it does not record any unnecessary and inconvenient background noises. So there you have it! You’re now ready to shoot your interview.

credibility for your brand

You’ve done everything at this point, but how does one fixate on building a credible brand? Video interviews, as we’ve discussed, are not only great for introducing your business, but also a great way to share relevant updates on your brand and your brand’s CSR. This way, you can stay transparent with your audience and maintain the connection you’ve built with them, therefore establishing a sense of genuinity, trust, and credibility. 

Therefore, this is the secret to gaining credibility for your brand! Here’s hoping this acts as a successful guide for you to produce better content and gain organic traction for your brand. 

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