What’s A Good Lens for Travel Photography?

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We love to travel. Our friends love to travel. So they often ask us what lens is good to capture great travel photos. We are not experts but our travel photos do tell stories and the fun adventures we had.

Our first must-bring lens is our wide-angle lens. We have a 10-20mm Sigma lens which takes great landscape photos like this.

A wide-angle lens is useful in shooting images like this.

If we had a 50mm along with us or a zoom lens, we could have just photographed the tip of the Duomo in Florence, Italy below and missed the details of this lovely cathedral. And hey, wide angle lenses are good for taking self-portraits with that landmark at the background!

Another must-have lens when we travel is our 18-200mm Canon lens. It can shoot wide angle shots but not as wide as our 10-20mm Sigma but it can definitely shoot things from a distance.

We love taking details of the buildings and places we have been to. This was just a part of the Colosseum in Rome and the one below was part of the Taj Mahal in India.

Those are two of our favorite lens we make sure we have in cambag when we travel. And sometimes when we have a light load, we carry along our fisheye. I love taking images from our travels with a fisheye. It gives the usual shot a different look.

There are a thousand of images out there of the Vatican walls but with our fisheye lens, we were able to shoot the entirety of this wall.

But if you travel and your interest are on the small details like the food you eat or the trinkets you can buy or even the faces of the people, have your 50mm in hand. In our case, our camera bag is full so our Iphone would just have to do the trick!

So your question maybe is why do I have Sigma and Canon lens? What’s the difference? My easy and practical answer to that is if I cannot afford the Canon version, I buy the Sigma. Sigma lens can do the job but of course, original Canon lens on our Canon cameras are faster and more efficient. Let us know if you want us to be more technical and we will do the research for you.

Hope this blog was helpful. if you have suggestions, please feel free to comment! By the way, if you love to travel and you’re looking for fun and educational tours, visit Edventure Travel.



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