The MelRish Studio Turns 13 | Our Journey and First Photos

This year, 2022, The MelRish Studio turns 13 years old. You heard that right! The MelRish Studio is our first baby – it’s older than our kids. Arish and I still could not be more thankful for God’s faithfulness for this business venture that was born out of our greatest challenge. You can read about our journey here.

Our hobby turned into a blessing – the blessing that helped us pay for the loan we borrowed to start a business and our business partner ran away with. The hobby that blessed our friends and clients with memories and stories they can share with their children and grandchildren. When we were down to our last dirham after paying up loans, a new client will book us because they saw our work online and loved how we told visual stories.

These were a few of the first wedding photos we took. Our work has definitely improved through the years. Looking back at our work makes us appreciate all the lessons we have learned

This was from our first destination wedding in India and our photo with the Taj Mahal.

And we recently discovered that we shot one of the first-ever weddings in Atlantis The Palm in 2009!

From wedding stories, we took on a growing corporate clientele. God blessed us to finally pay up our loan after 5 years so, in 2014, I (Melon) quit my job as an area visual manager of an international furniture brand to get a business license, put up an office and focus on The MelRish Studio full-time. Arish followed suit a year after.

We have moved into 5 different offices. Our team has grown, then shrunk in 2020 and now, we are bigger than before. We have covered major events in Dubai and have been to more than 9 different countries to cover amazing event stories. With more than 600 weddings, 1,000 events, and several major clients, our gratitude is beyond words. We offer a service, our social media department which is less than a year old, specializing in storytelling content creation.

The MelRish Studio turns 13 so we wanted to celebrate with a trip to Armenia

This year, we have also decided to give back by allotting part of our income to unfortunate children around the globe. Our corporate responsibility is to pay it forward and help those in need. You can chat with us for more information.

The MelRish Studio turns 13 so we wanted to celebrate with a trip to Armenia which we posted on our last blog. This is our way of giving the team the gift of travel. It is a celebration of God’s faithfulness and continuous blessing to The MelRish Studio. Here is a video of our trip to Armenia

Some say our story is an inspiration. But for us, it is a testimony. We will not be where we are right now if God has not sustained us and guided us through the years. We will continue to share this testimony through the years to come. This infographic is part of our on-boarding handbook and I am sharing it with you.

We have gone through so many trials. We have done many mistakes. But it is the learning that helped us grow and be better. Our journey doesn’t end here. The MelRish Studio turns 13 this year but there is so much in store for us. Thank you for joining us and supporting us in our journey.

Arish Perez

Arish Perez

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